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Driver’s Education Registration Information

Students must be 14 1/2 years of age. The cost is $55.00.

Class sizes are limited to the first 25 students that register and pay.  Register online using the following link:


The Classroom portion consists of 30 hours of instruction ‐Instructor will provide a class calendar the first day of class. Students need Pencil, Paper & Loose Leaf Notebook.

Driving Phase Hours (6 hours behind‐the‐wheel) No student will be scheduled for behind-the wheel instruction until all classroom instruction has been completed and the DMV has checked his or her eyes (this is done during the classroom phase).  Due to the pandemic, this process is currently taking approximately 6 months from the time students complete the 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Drivers are arranged in order oldest to youngest to schedule behind the wheel instruction. After the classroom phase is completed an instructor will contact each driver when they are next on the drive list to coordinate a driving schedule. Upon completion of your Driver Education Course (classroom and behind the wheel) you will receive a Driver Education Certificate. This certificate is good as long as you need it. After getting your permit or driver license, put the certificate in a place where you file important papers and keep it for future use (insurance, etc.).

Ideal timeline for Driver License/Drivers Education in North Carolina:

It will benefit your driving privileges to take Drivers Education prior to your 15th birthday.

Age 14 ½ Take Driver Education book session.

14 ½ – 15 Complete behind the wheel training as part of Drivers Education

15 Get permit at DMV (requires driver’s education certificate, eligibility certificate (from school), $20.00 fee, birth certificate and social security card- students’ take 25 question general knowledge test on the computer.

16 Get restricted license at DMV- road test with DMV examiner Note: The longer you wait to take driver education the longer it will be to get your license. North Carolina requires all drivers under the age of 18 to have a limited learners permit for a

Adequate academic progress means that a student must pass 3 out of 4 courses each semester. Adequate academic progress is evaluated at the end of each semester. A student who does not meet this criterion or who drops out of school will be reported to the DMV and will have his permit or license revoked.


DMV permit practice test

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