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The counseling center is a great resource that is available to all students. Our counselors can assist with questions about academics, college applications, career paths, life skills or other concerns you have about planning your future. Our staff is here to assist with:

  • Academic Development – transcript reviews, parent/teacher conferences, address failure concerns, individual counseling, classroom guidance, parent nights, newsletters, and college planning
  • Career Development – classroom guidance, assist with graduation project requirements, career assessments & planning, college planning
  • Personal & Social Development – individual counseling, counseling referrals, classroom guidance

You may also need your counselor to write a letter of recommendation for college, scholarships, or job perspectives.  Getting to know your counselor early will help make this process smoother.  Therefore, it is a good idea to meet your counselor now so you can build a relationship throughout your years in high school.

To schedule an appointment with your counselor, just stop by the Counseling Center to make an appointment.


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