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Tuscola High School       2022-2023


The goal of this policy is to promote safe attire for students through simple, non-discriminatory guidelines and to comply with School Board Policy 4316. Tuscola High School hopes to assist in preparing students for college and career. The following guidelines are expected for all students in all learning environments.


Dress that is appropriate for school is the responsibility of parents/guardians and students. We encourage families to discuss appropriate dress for various situations and environments that their child will encounter outside the home, and assist their child in making conscientious choices when considering appropriate dress.


  • Students must wear a shirt/top with fabric that covers the front, back and sides.


  • Students must wear pants/jeans or the equivalent: a skirt, sweatpants, leggings, a dress, or shorts.

-These items must cover the entire buttocks.

-These items must not have holes or rips which expose undergarments or private body parts.


  • Students must wear footwear.


  • School dress/accessories should not pose a threat to the health or safety of the student, classmate, or staff.


  • Clothing and accessories must be suitable for all classroom and scheduled school day activities. Some courses or activities may require additional safety or specialized attire (i.e. uniforms, professional dress, shop safety gear, etc.).


  • Clothing must cover private parts and undergarments while sitting and /or moving throughout daily school activities.


  • Clothing must include opaque fabric (not sheer/see-through), covering the front, sides, back, and midriff area.


  • Accessories including chains, padlocks, stud/spikes, etc. are not permitted.


  • Students should be recognizable at all times. Eyes, face, and ears should be visible at all times. Hoods and sunglasses (unless medically necessary) should not be worn indoors; costume masks are not permitted. Medical masks are optional to prevent the spread of disease.


  • Clothing and accessories must be free from words/logos/designs depicting or promoting/advocating violence, criminal activity, tobacco, alcohol or drug use, pornography, nudity, sexual acts, gang identifiers, hate speech, or anything that is disruptive to the learning environment.

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