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Here are bus routes for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have any questions you can contact the Bus Garage or Tuscola High School.


(Information is based on morning bus stops for 2018-2019. Actual stops for 2019-2020 may vary, and all routes are subject to change.)

TUSCOLA HIGH SCHOOL (see also Waynesville Middle)

Bus 190 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Rabbit Skin Rd; Liberty Church Rd; Laurel Branch Rd; White Oak Rd; Coleman Mountain Rd to Qualla Rd; Maple Springs Rd

Bus 187 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Cove Creek Rd; White Oak Rd to Liberty Church; Sutton Town Rd; Medford Hannah Rd; Jenkins Rd; Farmland Rd; Bob Boyd Rd; Jonathan Creek Rd including stops at Jaybird Ln, Trilakes Dr

Bus 34 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Jonathan Creek Rd; Hemphill Rd; Pot Leg Rd; Shelton Cove Rd; Jaynes Cove Rd; Brannon Forest Dr; Fox Run Rd

Bus 30 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Upper Allens Creek Rd to New Allens Creek Rd Valley View Circle; Browning Branch Rd; turnaround at Springbrook Farm; Grandview Circle; Pinewood Dr; Lickstone Rd; South Main St; Bogarts; transfer at WMS

Bus 23 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) First Run: Fines Creek Rd; Martins Creek Rd; Shelton Laurel Rd; Indian Springs Rd; Van Arrington Rd; Panther Creek Rd; Water Wheel Cove; Riverside Dr; Glance Cove Rd; Crabtree Church Rd; Big Branch Rd; Hyder Mountain Rd; Long Branch Rd; Rocky Lane; Richland Creek Rd; transfer at WMS

Bus 186 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Mt Sterling Rd; Max Patch Rd; Wesley Creek Rd; Kirkpatrick Cove; Betsy’s Gap Rd; Poplar Cove; Rush

Fork Rd; Silvers Cove Rd; Crabtree Rd; Miami Dr

Bus 165 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Pigeon St; Babb St; Belleview Rd; Hillside Rd; Thomas Park; Oakdale Rd; Farley St; Crymes Cove Rd; Cavalier Arms Apartments; Country Club Dr; WHA Apts; Ninevah Baptist Church; Greenview Dr; Burke

St; Shelton St; Pigeon St; Legion Dr; transfer at WMS

Bus 175 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Asheville Rd and Monte Vista Dr; Crymes Cove Rd; turnaround at Francis Orchard; Pigeon Rd to turnaround at Shadow Lane; Raccoon Rd; Underwood Cove Rd; Dock Ratcliffe Rd; Ratcliff Cove Rd; turnaround at Shadowwoods; Francis Farm Rd; Howell Mill Rd; transfer at WMS

Bus 35 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Hyatt Creek Rd; Oxner Cove; Owl Ridge Rd; Lum Boone Circle; Green Valley Rd; Squaw Ridge Rd; Log Cabin Rd; Plott Creek Rd; Eagles Nest Rd; transfer at WMS

Bus 17 (also transports Waynesville Middle students) Iron Duff Rd; Stevenson Cove Rd; Frank Davis Rd; Liner Creek Rd; Bald Creek Rd; Crabtree Mtn Rd; Upper Crabtree Rd; Messer Rd; Crabtree Rd; Crawford Rd


WAYNESVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL (see also Tuscola routes)

Bus 4 (also transports Tuscola students) Russell Cove Rd; Jonathan Creek Rd with stops at Whispering Winds Rd, Asbury Rd, Martha Way, Aspen PI, Compromise Dr, Gray Squirrel; Asbury Rd; Utah Mountain Rd; Joe Carver Rd; Beantown Rd; Grindstone Rd; Jonathan Creek Apts; Methodist Dr; Dayton Dr; Golf Course Rd; Liner Cove; transfer at THS

Bus 24 (also transports Tuscola students) Camp Branch Rd; Pinewood Dr; Grandview Circle; Browning Branch Rd; Valley View Circle; Allens Creek Rd; Robinson St; Virginia Ave; Westwood Circle

Bus 22 (also transports Tuscola students) Dellwood Rd; both sides of Soco Rd to turnaround at Market Square; Timberline Rd; Locust Dr turnaround; Mauney Cove; Hall Top Rd; Bradley St; transfer at THS

Bus 26 (also transports Tuscola students) Saunook Rd; Acres View Dr; Orion Davis Rd; Balsam Ridge Rd; Walker Rd; Great Smoky Mtn Expressway west to turnaround at old Balsam depot and Great Smoky Mtn Expressway east; Red Bank Rd; Old Balsam Rd; Sawyer St; Piney Mountain Rd; Hendrix St; Hyatt St; Brookside Ct; Locust Dr; Plott Creek; Rd; Will Hyatt Rd; Eagles Nest Rd; transfer at WMS

Bus 27 (also transports Tuscola students) County Rd; Rogers Cove Rd; Kudzu Loop; Daniel Lane; Old Clyde Rd including stops at Foxfire Estates, Carley Dr, Walnut Ford Rd, Edwards Rd, Cloverhill Ln, Wild Cherry Dr, Mystic Pt, Candy Dr, Camelot Dr, Birchwood Cir, Cedar Park Dr, Windy Hill Dr, Cresthaven Dr, Ingram Loop, Old Clyde Rd apartments; Lee Road; Broyhill; transfer at THS

Bus 177 (also transports Tuscola students) North Main St; Asheville Rd; Junaluska Oaks; Industrial Park Dr; Asheville Rd and Monte Vista Dr; Hillside Terrace; Asheville Rd at Norway Manor, Felmet St; Woodland Dr; Leatherwood Rd; Broadview Rd; East Marshall St; Cherry St; Hazel St; Welch St; Howell St; Assembly St; Branner Ave; N. Haywood St; Boyd Ave, Chestnut Park

Bus 31 (also transports Tuscola students) West on Soco Rd to turnaround at Blue Ridge Parkway entrance and back down; Black Camp Gap Rd; Sheepback Mountain Rd; Fie Top Rd to Cataloochee Ranch; east on Soco Rd including stops at Setzer Cove Rd, Campbell Creek, Deer Run Rd; Evans Cove Road; Moody Farm Rd; transfer at THS


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