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Dear Parents and Guardians of Tuscola Students:


As most of you are aware, the Haywood County Schools Board of Education voted last night to return to face to face learning on September 28th. We at Tuscola wanted to share our plan with you and allow you to make decisions about the method of instruction for your Tuscola student(s), for the remainder of the semester based upon this plan. A Tuscola staff member will be contacting you later this week to determine your choice for your child, and to assess student transportation needs. Please read the following information carefully so that you can make an informed decision for your child. 


Option #1: In-Person, Alternating Weeks  

If your decision is for your child to return to school for face to face learning, we will be using a “blended” simulcasting approach on an A week/B week schedule. Students whose last names begin with the letters A-K will come to campus and attend their 4 classes from 8:00-3:00 on “A” week, starting on Monday September 28th. Students with the last names L-Z will be considered “B” week students. These students will remain at home the week of the 28th, and will tune into their Google classroom, just as they have been doing during remote learning. They will be viewing the class on their Chromebooks as the teacher is teaching the week “A” students in person. Week “B” students will come to campus and attend their classes in the classroom starting October 5th. Instruction will continue (it will not be repeat instruction), and “A” week students will tune into their Google Classroom and watch the simulcast. All assignments for all students will still come through Google Classroom and will be assessed by their current teachers. 


If this is your decision, your child will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth on the bus, and at all times while on campus except while they are eating breakfast/lunch. Each student will be given a pack of 5 masks (one for each day of the week) by the school when they report to campus on the first day. They will be required to use assigned entrances to each building, and their temperature will be checked by infrared thermometers before entering any building on campus. We ask that you help us in this effort by assessing your child’s health each morning before sending them to school. Our school will ensure that while in the classroom and cafeteria students are seated 6 feet from others. Our staff will also clean desks and other materials between classes with a special cleaner designed to kill the COVID-19 virus. There will be time provided for hand washing, and hand sanitizer is located in each classroom.  Students who refuse to wear masks or abide by the COVID-19 state regulations MUST choose Option #2. 


Option #2: Remote Only

If you have an extreme concern about your child’s–or someone in your household’s–exposure to COVID-19 by returning to school for face to face learning, and would like for your child to remain at home for remote instruction ONLY, this is the other learning option. Students will have to remain as a remote-only for the remainder of the semester. Please know that it is possible that your child’s teachers, and perhaps even their schedule, may have to change. They will be able to remain enrolled in the courses they need for graduation, and will have a Haywood County School’s instructor who will continue to run the remote classes each day as we have done since the start of the school year. You will be able to contact this instructor with questions or concerns just as you have since the start of the year. 


Please know that you must choose only one of these two options, and that your choice will stand for the remainder of the semester. You may have the option to change your choice for the second semester.


Students who are currently enrolled in online sections of Haywood Community College Courses will be provided space to work on campus should they choose to do so during their HCC Class period. 


I hope that this clarifies and helps you make decisions.  Please listen out for a call from our staff later in the week.   A bell schedule for each day will be  included in the links located on the website and in student emails in the morning. 



1st Period  8:00-9:30

2nd Period  9:40-11:10

3rd Period/Lunch 11:20-1:20


  • Lunches


  • Buildings A & B  11:15-11:40
  • Buildings C & D  12:05-12:30
  • Buildings E, F, & J  12:55-1:20

4th Period  1:30-3:00


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